We have added COLOUR and changed to a SUSTAINABLE garment range. CHECK IT OUT.

Extended design range of GAS originals to be offered wholesale.

Following the highly successful online store, Great Alternative Stores (GAS) is now re introducing the packaged garment, designed to be hung on 'eurohook' displays.

The Spring leaflet to Garden Centres 2021



Originally introduced in 1974, the idea of displaying the printed tee shirt and sweat shirt around a former and inside a dust free polyester film bag was to maximise the stock over a comprehensive design range with a minimum of shop floor space. It also facilitates design range updating.

An added benefit of having both a retail and online presence now, allows the retailer to order a single garment/size/design/colour which might not be on display, to meet a customers requirements and for that to be despatched either direct to the customer or via the retailer.

For those stores who wish to order 100 garments or more, a mobile triangular display stand is provided along with a display torso to enhance the presentation.



There is also the option for maximum flexibility, to have retail specific designs included, printed in the same superb quality in full colour and across all sizes and styles.

Wholesale enquiries to sales@greatalternativestores.com