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C 19 production News

  • Raising funds for youth sailing and the John Merricks Sailing Trust

    Here’s an idea, :- Tiger Trophy winners 2020, Neil Marsden and Jonny McGovern Tiger Trophy winners 1995. Chris Draper n Richard Percy The annual ...
  • Bangladesh’s garment industry, such a huge success also makes it deadly

    Our T Shirts are made in Bangladesh. The garment industry there has reduced starvation and poverty by 50% but at a cost of lives. The garment you wear does this. It provides a way out of poverty and starvation but it has a long way to go to establish the standards you take for granted. 

    Empowering Garment Workers

  • C-19 delays in production and distribution.

        Because of the current on-going request by HM Government to 1. Self distance from people not part of the direct family and 2. Operate as much a...